Inhouse Corporation: Our 25th Year

Celebrating  25 Years of Service

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AS WE ENTER OUR TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR OF SERVICE we are proud to look back at our accomplishments. Its a track record that includes non-subsidized affordable homeownership, manufactured/ modular homes, real estate broker services, multi-family/ commercial property management as well as the creation and operation of residential cooperatives for modest income households.

Among the entities we’ve assisted are municipalities, government agencies, investors, landlords and residents/ tenants with administrative services, management, consulting, research, training and mentoring for all sorts of issues, problems, questions and day-to-day routines as they relate to housing and income properties.

Although New York is our home state, as internet technology has grown over the years so too has our ability to render many of our services online to virtually all corners of the state. And we’ve even taken assignments in other areas on a case-by-case basis. Yet our philosophy remains the same — we don’t try gaining business by cutting friendly personal attention, reducing value or sacrificing quality to our existing clients. We build our firm one client at a time. Its probably one reason many remain clients for years.

Many thanks to all our friends, clients and business associates who helped us to reach this point.

We look forward to working with you and making new friends and clients during the next twenty-five years.


Need consulting, coaching or problem troubleshooting regarding other single-family or multi-family housing issues? We’ll be pleased to help you. Visit us at the Inhouse Corporation website or contact us at


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