The Purchase Agreement and Lease: Sign Or Not

Signing Purchase Agreement

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 “IF I DON’T ACCEPT THE SITE LEASE I’VE BEEN OFFERED CAN I BE FORCED TO MOVE? What happens if I decide to relocate my manufactured home to a different community before this lease ends? I don’t like all the terms in the offered lease, can they be changed?” These and similar questions often are concerns of a first-time manufactured home purchaser in a land-lease community.

While the foregoing represents a small sampling of the common questions that arise, to be most helpful answers to questions should be obtained from an attorney retained to assist with the manufactured home purchase agreement and/or the site lease before they are signed. Unfortunately too many folks think an attorney unnecessary to buy a so-called “mobile home” or sign a site lease only to later face these types of issues and questions.

Despite our recommendation to use an attorney, in the absence of one we advise that New York requires the community manager to offer no less than a one-year site lease, and although the resident-tenant is not required to sign it, without a signed lease that resident enters a month-to-month tenancy. Among other things it means that little more than a notification of thirty days can require the tenant to leave the community for no particular reason. Sure, we’re not likely to terminate a tenancy simply because it could be done, yet by itself such a tenancy virtually offers no protection for the homeowner tenant. Consequently the tenant should not summarily dismiss an offered site lease without serious investigation, consideration and attorney input.

If the resident decides to move before the lease expires, an advance notice of such a decision is required. Assuming the resident’s rental account is current, there are no resident violations and such a notice is received, we then try to negotiate a premature end to the lease. This sometimes means working with the departing resident to find a new tenant for the soon to be vacant site.

Can lease terms be changed? For our properties the lease terms and provisions tend to be based on practice and experience so any request to change the lease would need to be very compelling to be considered.

So what’s the bottom line? As with any substantial or major purchase or obligation, thoroughly read the documents and consult with your attorney before making any commitment. A failure to understand the terms to the transaction and the liability it may bring can lead to problems later.


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