Real Estate: Is The Fix-Up Worth It?

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BOTH THE FAMILY HOME AND YARD ARE TOO BIG for the two of you. With the children grown and on their own you want to sell then buy a home with real estate that is smaller, easier and less costly to maintain. And now that you’ve decided to sell you also want a fair price and a speedy transaction. Are there things you can do to make that happen?

Of course, if you have time to wait, the money to spend and limitless energy there are a myriad of things you can do to create excitement, sizzle and glitter for the house. Perhaps a recreation room, gym or other amenity could be constructed, or a swimming pool or ice skating rink installed in the backyard. But for many the prospect of lengthy periods of time, hefty expenditures and exhausting effort to prepare a home for sale are problematic, to say the least. Moreover, costly improvements not only may be unnecessary, they may not sufficiently raise the value of the home to justify the expense or the time to complete them.

So what can be done to improve the chance of a quick sale, if anything? Assuming the home and yard are not in need of major repairs (such as leaking roof, structural damage from uneven settling, collapsed cesspool, etc.), are in mostly presentable condition and other things are equal, having tasks performed that generate a comfortably neat home and yard appearance should suffice. For example: Cleaning, painting and sprucing up the home’s interior and exterior; the lawn seeded/ mowed/ edged; bushes/ trees trimmed and pruned; and flower beds weeded. Such undertakings are often minimal cost items that should aid in producing an attractive first image for your home.

Still, an older home that has been maintained in good condition with serviceable though passé appliances, out of style cabinets/ wallpaper/ carpets and/or similar detractions may meet with buyer resistance. In such a situation a negotiated mutually agreeable price adjustment could be the equalizing factor that helps develop the sale. However, markets for real estate and houses differ. In some locales price may be less important than pizzazz. Elsewhere the yard size, number of bedrooms or other factors/ elements/ issues may affect a sale. For these reasons a qualified and reliable real estate agent familiar with your area should be considered to assist you through the process.

Nonetheless, in many neighborhoods an attractively maintained home in good condition selling at a fair price is usually viewed as being in a great position to be placed on the market.


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